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Tutus on Parade

United States > Takoma Park > Gazebo - downtown Takoma Park (directly across the street from Roscoes) > 2014-02-15 > 12:02 pm

About The Event

We are rising up in the name of Love ! Join us in playing a part in this worldwide movement to bring awareness to ending violence against women. We will gather together at the Gazebo in downtown Takoma Park, donning our tutus and beating our drums in solidarity with women and men all over the world who are rising up simultaneously !! Men are highly encouraged and welcome to join us in support- no tutu necessary unless you really want to wear one :). We will kick things off with the Bele Bele Rhythm Collective at noon. http://www.drumlady.com/projects/bele-bele-rhythm-collective/ from 12- 12:30. Then we will march down the main street (Carroll Ave ) for two blocks, to the Electric Maid - right near Takoma Park metro. From 1-2 pm we will have a brief ceremony honoring the strength of women And the strong, awakened men who love and support us as well.. and more drumming and dancing will ensue !! Instruments of any kind are welcome. We will have some to share too. Tutus are highly encouraged and anything of a ridiculous nature. Event is FREE !! Donations for use of rental space are gratefully. accepted.https://www.onebillionrising.org/events/tutus-on-parade/ Although many of the events worldwide will occur on Feb 14th, the rising will continue at events all week long !

About The Organization

Sacred Roots

Sacred Roots carries within its earth lovn' heart mission, the desire to support people in reclaiming a healthy relationship with our planet, communities and plant friends through classes and services. We strive to inspire, support, and promote connection with our divine feminine as well through play, sacred ceremony and connection with the Earth. We also recognize and honor the divine masculine within ourselves and within the men in our lives and root for full integration of the healthy masculine and feminine in balance to heal this world.

About The Organizer

Hillary Banachowski

Hillary Banachowski is a passionate Earth steward, plant whisperer, author, and visionary artist who practices organic gardening, permaculture, and herbalism as a way of life. Through her work as a gardening coach, facilitator, teacher, and healer, she is committed to living and promoting the ancient ways of living in balance with our blue planet home.

Hillary has taught classes on organic vegetable gardening, herbal wisdom, multi media art play, and has facilitated nature based retreats, sacred circles, rituals/celebrations for the past 10 years.

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