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Drama Queen- by Leslie Scatchard

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About The Event

Leslie is a past Vagina Monologue(English and Spanish) cast member performing her very own show, Drama Queen. Donate, send an email to [email protected] with subject line Drama Queen and you'll be sent the Youtube Link.

About The Organization

Fundraiser for Verity

Verity strives to eliminate all forms of violence, supports social justice and equality for all adults and children who have been sexually assaulted. Sexual assult is an unacceptable form of oppression, which is destructive to the lives of the survivors, their families, and their friends.
Verity facilitates healing and promotes the prevention of violence by providing counseling, advocacy, intervention, and education in our community. They are committed to ending sexual violence by working to eliminate the conditions that cause or tolerate it.

About The Organizer

Ronda Black

Ronda Black is a social and environmental activist who spends a plethora of time and energy for volunteering for do-good causes. Ending VShe is a Mentor and strongly believes that mentoring and growing healthy kids is the way to change our world for the better. She has a passion for the arts, activism, self-growth, advocacy, making connections, strengthening community and letting all that ripple out to brighten the world.

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