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Stop the Violence: A Celebration and Art Show

Canada > Oliver > Osoyoos Indian Band Community Hall > 2014-03-08 > 03:00 pm

About The Event

In honor of International Women’s Day, and V-Day’s annual One Billion Rising event, the V-Day Oliver-Osoyoos group is excited to be hosting ‘Stop the Violence: A Celebration and Art Show’ at the Osoyoos Indian Band (OIB) Community Hall in Oliver on March 8th from 3 to 6 p.m. This celebration will feature local artists displaying work in a variety of mediums with the theme of ‘Metamorphosis’, posing questions such as - How can we stop violence? What is required to change violence (bullying, hate, fear, rape, bigotry) into caring? How can we transform the darkness in the hearts and minds of the aggressor into lightness, and how do we teach empathy? At this event there will be something for everyone to enjoy and experience, including guest speakers, traditional dancers, musicians, refreshments and a wine reception. This is a unique opportunity to have “communities sharing feelings and creating awareness to find ways to stop violence through different expressions of Art, from dance and music to visual,” explains Art Committee leader Norberto Rodriguez de la Vega. “In this context, Art becomes a community tool that can facilitate and inspire social change.” “It's a chance to develop deeper understanding and appreciation of Art’s role to inspire and motivate in attitudes for a change,” said volunteer Olena Lennox, “while bringing our diverse and vibrant community together.” Also taking place on March 8th will be the draw for the 2nd Annual V-Day Raffle. The prizes this year include a 2 night stay at Spirit Ridge Resort, courtesy of Chief Clarence Louie; a 4 course dinner for ten catered by Parties and Pies, and a gift basket of Gourmet Baked Goods from Bibi’s Culinary Delights. V-Day volunteers will be selling tickets at a variety of locations in both Oliver and Osoyoos over the month of February, so be sure to pick some up and help support this great cause. ““This is going to be an amazing event and because this topic affects all of us, in some form

About The Organization

V-Day Oliver-Osoyoos

Last year, V-Day Oliver/Osoyoos was formed by activist Paula Rodriguez de la Vega; joining in with a global movement with the goal of stopping violence against women and girls. The group staged a number of events, including a ‘One Billion Rising’ celebration at Medici’s in the new year, as well as a production of ‘The Vagina Monologues’. It was a huge success, with a total of $7406.32 being raised. $6,665.69 of this went directly to Desert Sun Counselling and Resource Center, and the remaining ten percent went to the global branch of V-Day.

This year, the group is back at it, with Tiffany Beckedorf taking over Paula’s role as lead organizer. The group has decided to stage a different production, called ‘A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant, and a Prayer’, the proceeds of which will go to benefit men’s counselling programs at Desert Sun geared towards stopping violence against women and girls. The exciting news is that this year it will include the participation of men on stage as well.


Tiffany Beckedorf, Lead Organizer

Ursula Wick, Lead Support Organizer

Marji Basso & Aimee Grice, Co-Directors

, Norberto Rodriguez de la Vega, Art Committee

Roxie Van Aller, Financial Committee

Dedicated Volunteers

Rachel Gifford Allebrand, Amanda Anderson, Dawn Anderson, Nancy Batth, Morgan Ashley Blanco, Nadine Boulianne, Margi Chantler, Erin Christie, Terry Coble, Paula Rodriguez de la Vega, Jamie Dochuk, Serena Gee, Darlene George, Mary Grant, Allison Haney, Carmen Heukendorff, Hope Heyduck, Sera Lean, Olena Lennox, Sasha Lennox, Melanie McArthur, Wenda McKee, Pat Monahan, Wina Poliquin, Laurena Rehbein, Jody Schwindt, Aman Sidhu, Azriel Starcic, Michelle Starcic, Milan Starcic, Sandy Summers, Dave Whalley, Pat Whalley, Lillian Wood, and many others!

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