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STOP India Rises!

India > New Delhi > Aashray Family Home > 2015-02-14 > 11:00 am

About The Event

STOP India and Salila Rising: Threads for Freedom are Rising! Our Revolution is Freedom of Body, Mind, and Heart! We will be dancing, eating and celebrating Freedom and Love.

About The Organization

STOP India + Salila Rising: Threads for Freedom

'Salila' is the feminine Sanskrit word for 'flowing water' and all over the world we can see that women and the feminine are RISING! Salila Rising is a movement of empowerment! Salila Risings mission is to support WOMEN in RISING above oppression, violence and slavery to find healing, forgiveness, strength and freedom. Salila Rising is a business, but also an expression of the power within every woman and a voice for the betterment of women's rights in India and around the world.

STOP India mission is to stop trafficking and oppression through education, legal movements and rescuing children and women from various forms of slavery and trafficking. STOP rescues girls and provide a safe home for them to heal and rehabilitate as well as receive an education and life skills. STOP provides many opportunities for survivors to realize their potential and to become empowered individuals and agents of change.

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