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Spoons Dancing

United Kingdom > Cambridge > Cambridge Guildhall > 2017-03-11 > 11:00 am

About The Event

Many women cannot participate in marches or actions to protest against the exploitation of women, the rise of fascism, racism or the threat to public services because they, like me, are either disabled or chronically ill. We are Spoonies. The Spoon Theory is simply a story that explains what it is like to live with a chronic illness or disability. A person who is chronically disabled or ill only has a limited amount of expendable energy each day. Every action means losing a spoon. It is very hard to get that back even after a full night’s sleep, if you can get one. Simple actions like getting out of bed, taking a shower, walking, and driving can require enormous amounts of energy that people don’t have. These chronic illnesses or disabilities can be visible or invisible. You cannot look at a person and tell if they have a chronic illness or disability or not as these illnesses are not always physical. We are too tired by life in general and we need help which we often don't have or which we find it difficult to ask for. Disabled and chronically ill people in the UK have been exploited by the government since the banking crisis and scapegoated while those responsible got away with it. THOUSANDS of claimants who having been deemed fit to work, have died from their conditions; some were managing before they lost their income or supplementary income however withdrawal of their money exacerbated their conditions and thousands have died. Some have been so desperate that they have taken their own lives due to the severe stress exerted on them by the DWP. A woman who was receiving radiotherapy treatment for stage 1 breast cancer told me that dealing with the DWP was much more distressing than having to deal with the cancer. On Saturday 11th March women and men in Cambridge will gather together to support the Spoonies by marching and dancing whilst carrying cardboard Spoons to represent their more vulnerable friends.

About The Organizer

Lulu Agate

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