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Canada > Abbotsford > Unity Statue by Clearbrook Library > 2017-02-14 > 03:30 pm

About The Event

We will be meeting at the Unity Statue by the Clearbrook library in Abbotsford. This will be an opportunity to stand for women and for all who are oppressed. It is also for those struggling with disbelief at some of the unfolding events, a chance to be with other like minded individuals who stand for peace, tolerance, non violence, and are against any exploitation, exclusion, bullying or threatening of those seeking safety, well being and justice. This event is for all regardless of orientation, race, religion or place of birth. We welcome you to join us for a brief "yes" to peace and recognition of the rising of the movements of those who will not stand silent at *they* come for everyone else, as *they* move backward on this planet taking away even more rights from women and children around violence. If you feel alone, come see that you are not and that together we can empower each other. Wear pink, red, rainbow or what ever you wish, if you have hats wear them, but no expectations. Posters are great if you want to bring some.

About The Organization

Abbotsford Community Services

Abbotsford Community Services offers support to men, women, children, seniors and families. website http://www.abbotsfordcommunityservices.com/

About The Organizer


Clinical Counsellor working with trauma, exploitation, mental health and addictions, long time peace & justice activist, committed to sharing compassion

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