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About The Event

Today women and girls organized at the Apne Aap center in Forbisganj, Bihar will host an event to celebrate their achievements in standing up against injustices in their lives and to organize for further progress. The event will feature several performances of singing, dancing, and karate by the various Kishori Mandals (adolescent girls' groups), as well as personal sharing about courageous steps they have taken towards self-empowerment. These steps include their step out of their homes and getting involved with Apne Aap, which previously would have been unheard of. Thereafter, the meeting will turn into an Open Mic Session in which the women and girls will be encouraged to share their experiences with the local police. This is especially important because the police often turn a blind eye to evidence of sex trafficking and forced sexual slavery that is taking place in the area; the women and girls want the police to support them in their efforts to break free from such injustices. The initiative will be used as a launching pad for drafting a Charter of Demands that will then be submitted to the Forbesganj Police Station. The event will also include a signature campaign for the arrest of a well-known local trafficker, which will be sent to the DM and the SP at the district in Araria.

About The Organization

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