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Rising 4 Awareness

United Kingdom > London - Brixton > Eurolink Business Centre, 49 Efra Road Suite 38, London SW21BZ > 2016-02-13 > 01:30 pm

About The Event

In 2016 Embrace is starting a new series of interactive community events & networks in order to engage with burning issues which can create major barriers for individuals to live their life to the fullest and achieve their life ambitions. We aim to utilise our in-depth experience to support individuals in very challenging life circumstances to achieve their personal and professional LifeDreams. The Rising4Awareness Event is for individuals who are affected, interested or professionally involved in the support and empowerment of victims of violence and abuse. We aim to create a platform for sharing, healing and reconciliation well beyond this event in order to bring newness to individuals and their communities. This event is in support of the 1 Billion Rising Campaign which focuses on justice for victims of abuse. What you can expect: *Experience of suitable tools of self-empowerment *Sharing of Experience *Poetry & Music *Like minded people If you would like to have any further information please feel free to call or email us. Please confirm your attendance at [email protected]

About The Organization

Embrace Cooperation Ltd.

Embrace was founded 2000 as a small community grassroots organization with one or two projects annually, it provided the opportunity for young people who ordinarily would not have the means or inclination due to tradition, cultural or economic background, to go abroad and participate in our work experience programme in a safe and stable environment.

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