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We need to cancel this event, but please do check out our website! www.cpt.org The mission of Christian Peacemaker Teams is to build partnerships that transform violence and oppression. We work on issues of structural oppression as well as doing strategic nonviolent intervention in areas of lethal conflict. At some point during this V-Day event open house we event we will read aloud from CPT's material about undoing sexism (part of our undoing oppression training material you can see on the website below), and the statements of female-bodied CPTers and what they want male-bodied CPTers to know as they work together on peacemaking teams. CPTers come from 20 different countries and serve 2-3 year terms walking alongside populations facing lethal conflict. Come find out how you can accompany local peacemakers and community activists who nonviolently and creatively resist the violence that they face. This event will also introduce our new Executive Director to many wonderful folks (including you!) in Chicago who care about structural and acute violence.

About The Organization

Christian Peacemaker Teams

Christian Peacemaker Teams is a multi-faith organization that is made up of people who envision a world of communities that embrace the diversity of the human family and live justly and peaceably with all of creation. CPTers go on 2-week delegations to lethal conflict zones, and if they want to stay longer, they have the opportunity to complete a month-long training in Chicago and then return to the field. More information is on our website, www.cpt.org. In addition to addressing sexism, racism, heterosexism, and Christian hegemony everywhere we live, currently CPT projects exist in four places: we stand alongside farmers in Colombia, the children of Hebron/Al-Khalil in Palestine, Israeli anti-occupation peacemakers, Kurdish villagers in northern Iraq and several First Nation groups in Canada.

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