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Rise To Eminence

United States > Atlanta > 735 Fayetteville Rd., Atlanta, GA > 2014-02-14 > 09:30

About The Event

Rise To Eminence is the opportunity for youth ages 11-17 to explore their responsibility and awareness of: ~ social media ~ dating and relationship safety ~ child sex trafficking Youth learn how their choices affect every area of life, steps of how he/she can stop unhealthy behavior and habits that can lead to sexual exploitation, and choose to rise to his/her eminence. The day Includes panel discussion and interactive activities with experts in: ~ child sexual abuse ~ therapy ~ advocates for children ~ teen panelist As a finale, tweens and teens will participate in a transformation wall where they will demonstrate artistically how they will apply what they learned from the day to help transform the world.

About The Organization

Camp Butterfly Girls Int'l/Mohammed Schools of Atlanta

The mission of Camp Butterfly Girls International is to improve the quality of life of girls worldwide. A strong component of our mission is to educate and empower youth in preventing sexual violation of any kind. At Mohammed Schools of Atlanta our goal is to teach all students to accept their G’d given responsibilities and full potential and nurture each student to be enlightened leaders and effective global citizens.

About The Organizer

Jamilah Shakir

Jamilah Shakir is the founder and Executive Director of Camp Butterfly Girls International and long time advocate for children. She is an educator and is passionate about empowering youth with the tools they need to make wise choices. She believes that regardless of the hardships a child experiences in life, he/she has the personal power and/or can be equipped with the tools to be victorious.

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