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Rhodes joins Grahamstown Rising

South Africa > Grahamstown > City Hall, Grahamstown, Eastern Cape > 2014-03-14 > 01:00 pm

About The Event

One Billion Rising 2014 in Grahamstown is not over yet!!! We have extended our programme beyond V Day, to ensure Rhodes can stand up and be counted! Description Although V Day 2014 has come and gone, it would be a tragedy for all the communities of Rhodes not to have had a chance to show solidarity for the cause of One Billion Rising! Here's your chance, ladies and gentlemen! On the extended programme, we invite you to join us for gathering more Rhodes signatories for our petition and to add your numbers to a dancing flash mob at City Hall...where after our petition will handed over to the Offices of the Mayor. In summation our petition asks for more convictions for rape in the Makana district (only 4% of victims in SA see their assailants receive justice in the courts), that more support systems are put in place for victims so they feel safe to speak out and do not worry about further victimisation when they do, and for more educational programmes for the communities teaching that it is an unacceptable crime to commit - we've all seen teaching people how not to get raped yields little results - the leading cause of rape is rapists, not short skirts! And the petition concludes with a promise that Grahamstown will continue to dance and Rise, every V Day, until the will of the people is upheld. Times and dates will be confirmed as within the following days as we assess involvement and wait for confimation as to which day we can be expected at City Hall - please ignore the Event Date and Time for this Rising for now!

About The Organization

Rhodes University

SRC Activism and Transformation branch, Silent Protest enrolments and various other departments at Rhodes with original cast and crew from "Defying Gravity, Defying Violence" - Juliette & Sita's School of Pole - https://www.onebillionrising.org/events/defying-gravity-defying-violence-pole-dancing-for-one-billion-rising/

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