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Rape as a weapon

United Kingdom > Oxford > Oxford > 2019-03-17 > 07:00 pm

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Our event is based on the problematics of being a woman in a precarious situation (underprivileged, migrant and/or living in areas of conflict) and the details of the event are as follows: Organizers: University of Oxford students Format: Panel discussion Speakers: - Senior Rep. of Save the Children from Kenya - Monika Hauser, founder of Medica Mondiale -Sabina Barone, UCL researcher in gender studies and migration -Rep. from the local Oxford charity for abused women Why should we care? Why is it that during conflicts, women and children are those that are attacked the most? Is it the same for those of all status? Was it always like this? Why should we care? And, most importantly, can one recover from a scarring trauma such as abuse? These are the questions that we aim to address in this panel discussion. The speakers, all working with women that have gone through the trauma of abuse, not only the physical but also the psychological imprint it leaves, will discuss the issue and try to deepen our understanding of how this came to be and what we, as individuals, can do to prevent these atrocious acts. To finalise we would like to end the event on a hopeful note: that despite what has happened, and what is still happening, we can change it and through community support among women and love, even those that will have the scars for the rest of their lives, may one day look forward to the future with optimism. In summary, this event has in its heart empathy and solidarity, and in the spirit of the event, we would like to invite Onebillionrising to join. Signed: The motivated bunch of Oxford students

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