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United States > Bristol > Shakti in the Mountains > 2016-02-28 > 05:00 pm

About The Event

After a major snow storm coming in on the night of our event, we have been forced to reschedule. "AND WE NEED TO FOCUS ON THE MOST MARGINALISED WOMEN AND GIRLS TO BRING ABOUT TRUE, LONG LASTING CHANGE. Change can happen if… GRASSROOTS MOVEMENTS AND MARGINALISED COMMUNITIES ARE IN THE LEAD. Change can happen if… WE DEMAND ACCOUNTABILITY – MAKING SURE OUR JUSTICE CALLS ARE REALISED" When I saw that excerpt for this year's OBR theme, I thought of the work I have done over these past few years with possibly the MOST marginalised of women... those who are incarcerated as a result of being attacked or attacked while incarcerated (often for mental illness or addiction or poverty). Those who have already had their agency and autonomy removed to the greatest degree allowed by law are entitled to have the protection of advocates when they are assaulted. There are too few willing advocates to provide this support. I have developed a successful and comprehensive plan to address these victims who are incarcerated... to train corrections staff in trauma informed approaches to their need for security and safety of those in their care and to provide direct access to trained advocates as mandated by the Prison Rape Elimination Act (PREA). Systemic change is possible and I want to generate support for these victims and share my methods so that more advocates in the activist community include these victims in there efforts. I would like to take the powerful platform provided by One Billion Rising and share the messages that: 1. rape is not part of the punishment 2. we have the right to defend against attackers without being prosecuted unjustly 3. accountability for 1. and 2. falls upon US... the activists and advocates in the community to create oversight for the criminal justice system We hope to speak out and generate support from within the community for these incarcerated victims. Through spoken word performance art and music, we will share the message that all victims deserve justice.

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Della McGuire

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