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Protest 50 Shades of Grey!

United States > Seattle > Sundance Cinemas 4500 9th Avenue Northeast, Seattle, WA > 2015-02-14 > 06:30 pm

About The Event

Let's do something that really MATTERS on Valentine's Day and do a social intervention/protest with Stop Patriarchy members. Around the world on Feb. 14th, people have taken a stand around violence against women (V-day and One Billion Rising). This year, Feb. 14th is the release date for the movie version of 50 Shades of Grey, which is a dangerous romanticizing of domestic violence and abuse of women. Let's not let this day pass without a fight against the so-called "love story" that, in reality, actually perpetuates hatred and abuse of women. From the Stop Patriarchy flyer for the protest: STOP ROMANTICIZING WOMEN’S ENSLAVEMENT! START FIGHTING FOR WOMEN’S LIBERATION! On Valentine’s Day, couples and friends across the country will go to see the movie based on the bestseller, Fifty Shades of Grey. This is NO GOOD; in fact it’s real bad. Fifty Shades of Grey is a tale of stalking, domestic violence, abuse, and torture, dressed up like a love story! Fuck that. Around the world: An epidemic of rape, gang-rape, "date" rape, rape porn, rape culture, is on the rise. Still with us or making a huge comeback: “honor” killings, acid attacks, genital mutilation, murder, forced motherhood (denying women the choice of abortion), forced sterilization (denying women the ability to get pregnant), forced marriages, coercion of every kind imaginable. All this, along with sexual harassment, sexual violence, sexual exploitation, and sexual stigma teach women “their place.” The women of the world are already wearing the blood-soaked ropes and chains of patriarchy - so let’s break them off, not slap new ones on! Every single day, a multi-billion dollar industry of v... read more here: http://www.stoppatriarchy.org/50-shades-fuck-that.html

About The Organization

Stop Patriarchy

Stop Patriarchy is a group for everyone who wants to FIGHT to STOP the enslavement of women. Not politely lobby against it. Not grumble at the TV. Not simply post things on Twitter. And definitely not sit around waiting for those in power to “come to their senses.” It is also a movement for everyone who can be won to see the need for this – we are fighting aggressively to change minds and to grow and deepen and escalate until we succeed in changing everything!
FACT: No advance for any section of the oppressed in this country – including women – has ever been won without fierce political struggle, sacrifice, and telling it like it is.
Today, this is needed more than ever. Christian fascist woman-haters are violently hacking away at abortion rights and even birth control, slamming women backwards. Violent porn and rape culture is right now indoctrinating innocent young boys to become the next generation of rapists. Women are being killed by abusers and locked in cages when they defend themselves. Women and girls everywhere are being shamed, blamed, disrespected, hurt, belittled, and abused.
None of this will stop unless we – in our millions – put ourselves on the line to STOP IT.

Don't kid yourself, you know this is true. Join us. The future of women and girls depends on it.
Women are NOT: bitches, hos, punching bags, sex objects, or breeders.
Forced Motherhood is Female Enslavement.
End Pornography and Patriarchy; The Enslavement and Degradation of Women!

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