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Program at Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV)

India > Forbesganj > Bihar > 2014-02-01 > 12:00

About The Event

Girls from Apne Aap’s residential girl’s school in Bihar showcased their talents and shared their stories of personal growth for visiting iconic feminist Gloria Steinem and her Direct Donor Action group from New York. The school is set up through a Kasturba Gandhi Balika Vidyalaya (KGBV), a federal program introduced by the Indian government in 2004 to increase educational facilities for girls from lower castes. The girls performed a dance to Hindi music that they had choreographed themselves. This was followed by one of the girls narrating their different activities at the school and describing the impact that being part of a residential school has had on her life and aspirations. The girls also did a demonstration of the Karate that they learn at KGBV; the karate classes have helped to instill in the girls a sense of confidence in their ability to defend themselves and define their own limits. The program ended with Gloria Steinem and Ruchira Gupta addressing the gathering of the girls and teachers along with other local people who had gathered there to watch the program. Gloria was nostalgic in speaking of her past visit to KGBV. She narrated her personal childhood experience with dance, which she believed was an important form of freedom for girls. Ruchira Gupta spoke of the hurdles that AAWW faced in setting up the residential school in 2007. The program ended with a vote of thanks and the girls cheerfully bidding goodbye to the guests.

About The Organization

Apne Aap Women Worldwide

Organizes women in prostitution and caste- based communities trapped in inter-generational prostitution to end sex trafficking in the red-light areas of Bengal, Bihar, Delhi and Haryana in India.

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Apne Aap Bihar Field Office

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