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One Billion Rising Revolution in Tulsa

United States > Tulsa, OK > Guthrie Green 111 E. Brady Ave > 2015-02-14 > 12:00 pm

About The Event

According to the Department of Corrections in the State of Oklahoma, the U.S. Female Incarceration Rate, 2009 is 68 per 100,000. The Oklahoma Female Incarceration Rate: 132 per 100,000 Some of the Critical Issues facing our women in Oklahoma: • History of Trauma and Violence • History of Substance Abuse and Addiction • Mental Health Issues • Medical Issues • Economic Marginalization and Poverty • Race and Ethnicity • Women Offenders as Mothers • Relationships Poverty is a huge contributing factor for women facing incarceration. For Women Entering DOC in FY2010: 84% were unemployed at the time of arrest 60% reported reliance on social assistance at the time of arrest 71% had a need for education It is time for a revolution in Oklahoma. We can do better for our women. Let's provide a quality education for every child in Oklahoma. Let's provide affordable medical and family planning care to all women. Let's create livable wage jobs for our women. Let's support alternatives to prison and keep children with their mothers. If you want to be involved in One Billion Rising Revolution Tulsa, please contact [email protected] or like us on Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/pages/One-Billion-Rising-TULSA/615699671845031?sk=info.

About The Organizer

Mia Leighty

Mia Pearl Leighty (Margaret) is a mover, an activist and a devoted women's advocate. She works with women in crisis at the local emergency shelter, sometimes teaches yoga with Women In Recovery, works diligently to raise the consciousness in her local community and LOVES to dance! Margaret is an Apprentice Guide on the SheddingSkins Path and hosts regular ecstatic dance events.

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