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One Billion Rising Nuernberg

Germany > Nürnberg > 90429 Nürnberg, Rosa Luxemburg Platz > 2016-02-14 > 02:00 pm

About The Event

Trommeln, Tanzen, Party Am Gewerbemuseumsplatz neben dem Cinecitta Mrs Flow wird als DJane einheizen. Dank an BSH Films für das Video 2015! Dank an Nadine Rodler für die wunderbaren Fotos 2013 und 2014!

About The Organization

DGB - Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund - Mittelfranken

Labor union in the region of Mittelfranken. Fighting for female workers rights since 1949. Eight trade unions have federated in the DGB, which was new founded after the second world war and the years of the bann of all free trade unions. The new achieved minimum wage in Germany has 2015 brought many women an increase of their very low income and brought more justice to the wages.

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