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One Billion Rising Nantucket

United States > Nantucket > Nantucket Atheneum, 1 India St. 02554 > 2014-02-14 > 05:00 pm

About The Event

Rise up Nantucket! Join us in the Nantucket Atheneum Garden as the local Nantucket chapter of OneBillionRising.org transforms the stories of survivors through art, dance, song, spoken word, and testimony in order to break the silence and release their stories. Make a part of your Valentine's Day about transformation and respect. Join us and Rise Up!

About The Organization

Rise Up Nantucket

This is the home of the local Nantucket chapter of OneBillionRising.org, a world-wide campaign to end the violence against women: a call to survivors to break the silence and release their stories through art, dance, song, spoken word, and testimony.
Our stories have been buried, denied, erased, altered, and minimized by patriarchal systems that allow impunity to reign. Justice begins when we speak, release, and acknowledge the truth in solidarity and community. ONE BILLION RISING FOR JUSTICE is an invitation to break free from confinement, obligation, shame, guilt, grief, pain, humiliation, rage, and bondage.
The campaign is a recognition that we cannot end violence against women without looking at the intersection of poverty, racism, war, the plunder of the environment, capitalism, imperialism, and patriarchy. Impunity lives at the heart of these interlocking forces.
It is a call to bring on revolutionary justice.

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