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One Billion Rising Mostar

Bosnia and Herzegovina > Mostar > Španski trg > 2020-02-14 > 04:00 pm

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This year, too, we are celebrating V-Day with traditional dance events and continuing our campaign against violence and woman One Billion Rising in Organization of Youth Council of the City of Mostar, Association of Psychologists of Herzegovina, Association "Woman of BiH" Mostar. Due to devastating statistics for every 3rd woman in the world, they experienced some form of violence and abuse by US writer and activist Eve Ensler launching a global movement in V-day and a campaign that highlighted the problem of violence against women. In addition, the V-Day movement has helped raise funds for anti-violence programs and a safe center for women around the world. Why dance? Dance is a symbol of non-violent resistance to violence, and it is through the dance revolution that it indicates free bodies and spirit, expressed emotion and energetic movement in space. Every woman, girl or girl, every living being has the right to freedom - untouched and unbroken by violence or some other form of repression. This year we will mark the campaign to increase billions on the increase 13.2. and 14.2. 2020 In addition to the main dance events in Spanish Square 14.02. at 4:00 pm, in front of the Mepas Mall at 5:00 pm, 02/13/2020. will also be held at American Corner: 4:00 pm - Movie screening: City of Joy 18: 00- Tribune: Violence: An Expression of Powerlessness Panelists: Senka Marić, Lejla Kalamujić, Arnela Buzaljko. Support V-Day and the Campaign for a Growing Billion!

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