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Belarus > Minsk > minsk > 2017-02-14 > 01:00 pm

About The Event

The event is organized by the Belarusian social sports project “Zdolnaja”, whose purpose is to motivate more women in Belarus to participate in sports activities. The initiative is focused on overcoming internal barriers, widespread stereotypes and forced limitations, enjoying physical activities, and boosting self-confidence. The dance lesson is set up with the help of “ZAMES STUDIO”, a dance and fitness studio in Minsk. We invite everyone to participate in the dance flashmob – activists from non-profit organizations, dancers, employees of fitness centers, students and teenagers, journalists, representatives of international programs / embassies, as well as all girls and women who are passionate about the issue of violence. It is especially symbolic that the flashmob takes place on the most romantic day of the year, Saint Valentine’s Day, which puts a strong focus on choosing healthy relationships, where there is no place for aggression, and where both partners cherish and respect each other.

About The Organization


The main aim of this Belarusian project is to do whatever it takes to motivate women of different ages and abilities to be more physically active.
We strive to create motivating content on social media using the examples of real women, without photo editing or retouching, posing for the camera or using expensive sports brands that average women can’t afford, and to establish a single informative online platform with different kinds of communities which women can join in different cities. These communities will provide a safe and supportive emotional environment during sports lessons and activities. The project is not aimed at weight loss. It is aimed at empowering women to become self-confident and to destroy the common stereotype “I can’t do it”.
We want women to feel capable of anything, to love their bodies, to enjoy sports despite the ambiguous judgement of people around!

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