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Canada > KAMLOOPS > RIVERSIDE PARK, KAMLOOPS > 2014-02-14 > 11:59 am

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A Gathering to support the "One Billion Rising" Annual International Valentine's Day event to inspire an end to violence against women and children and to promote equality and justice for all! We will gather at 12:00 and our guest speaker, Monica Singh will introduce a video clip from "One Billion Rising 2013" and teach us how to do a circle dance to the song, " Breaking the Chains". The dance will be a few minutes long and will be video-taped to post on the "One Billion Rising" web page along with clips of other dancers from all around the world who are rising up with us! We are hoping to be able to provide tea or coffee following the dance!

About The Organization

Shelter for Himalyan Women

A Non Profit, Kamloops, Canada based organization, raising funds to provide a womens' shelter in Nainatal India, in co-operation with Vimarsh, an NGO located in India.
In 2009 we travelled to India and through some volunteer work for a Vancouver organization called Trans Himalayan Aid Society we met some amazing, hardworking and brilliant social workers in an area that is made up of several villages on mountainsides in the foothills of the Himalayas. Through their Non government organizations and with the financial support of organizations such as TRAS and the World Health Organization, these Social Workers and volunteers have worked with the people in the villages, creating village councils and Women's Circles to find out what the communities really needed to raise themselves out of poverty, poor health, family violence and lack of opportunity for education and betterment.
Through these meetings and much preparation, proposal writing and hard work, many, many social programs have been designed and implemented with great success - these include Immunization programs for all children, sanitation programs including the building of toilet and washing facilities, agricultural programs such as goat raising, greenhouses, planting of orchards, as well as many educational programs for children, women and men - even a program to keep youth in school as they were tending to leave before entering high school. These programs have made a difference to the lives of these people and they are committed to continue on their journey to create better opportunities for their children and families.

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