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One billion rising event – Copenhagen

Denmark > Copenhagen > Central square - if possible > 2020-05-24 > 01:00 pm

About The Event

I would like to plan a 'one billion rising event' in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2020. I live here, but I am Italian and Belgian. I have two girls aged 11 and 8 and they are both passionate readers of women's stories. I want to raise awareness because I worked here as a volunteer for the Danish Red Cross in the Women Network helping women and children subject to violence at home. Denmark is known for all the statistics about social welfare and happiness, but I can tell you that there are thousands of women and children, Danish nationals or resident, subject to domestic violence every day and that has to stop! I want to raise awareness and a one billion rising event in Copenhagen would help that.

About The Organizer

Lorenza Porciello

I am a 40 year old lawyer and professional who lived and worked in the US, Middle East, Denmark and Italy and I have two daughters who I am educating to be feminists and learning about other exceptional women -and men- making a difference in the world.
I have volunteered for the Danish Red Cross helping women and children victims of domestic violence and I want to raise awareness with a one billion rising event in Copenhagen.
My linkedin profile is: https://www.linkedin.com/in/lorenza-porciello/ in case you need more info on my background.
I really hope to be able to be useful and organize this event in 2020

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