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One Billion Rising Croatia – Zagreb

Croatia > Zagreb > Flower Square > 2018-02-10 > 11:30 am

About The Event

Women in Zagreb and Split against VAW and state/church fundamentalism - for the ratification of Istanbul Convention - The Council of Europe Convention on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. Due to the influence of the right wing organizations, Croatian Government is postponing to ratify the Convention - a great tool to tackle gender-based violence, violence committed against women because they are women.

45 women will be dressed in the handmaid's outfit to help strengthen the message of importance of ratifying the Istanbul Convention - we would not go back in our human rights, we are not "handmaids".
45 women dressed as handmaids would walk through city (from the Center for Women's Studies on Farmer's Market to the Flower Square through the main city street (1 km) where OBR is traditionally held.
13 women drummers (with black bonnets) will 'escort' handmaids from main city farmer's market to the Flower Square.
45 women dressed as handmaids will form semi-circle on the square and will stay still during the performance when 14 public persons (actors, journalists, activists) together with women survivors will read short testimonies of women who survived violence, and 7 would read parts - articles - legal demands from the Convention.
At the end (drumming) women would through away their bonnets and will made OBR sign.

Maiden’s party is planned as well, with TVM reading of women with disability, music and dance.

About The Organization

One Billion Rising Croatia

This year's OBR is organized by several women's groups, majority of them ‘old OBR organisors’ and supported by Foundation Solidarna (In Solidarity with Women).
All costumes are made by women former workers of textile factory Kamensko (who were on hunger strike to keep their jobs) and were part of OBR from its very beginning (made our banners and textile stickers, etc.).

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