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One Billion Rising 4 Justice Santa Fe

United States > Santa Fe > 490 Old Santa Fe Trail, Santa Fe, NM, United States > 2014-02-14 > 09:00

About The Event

Join us as we go deeper in Santa Fe by asking "What does 'justice' look like to us?" We are staging a flash-mob, a Women's Court and a permanent art installation to celebrate and honor the bravery of survivors and give voice to the atrocities women and girls are facing in our community of Santa Fe, NM.

About The Organization


The majority of the work done for 2013's event at the Roundhouse, New Mexico's State Capitol Building was done by essentially ten volunteers and as we continue to ensure that all women and men have a voice we invite you to join our team!

About The Organizer

Jessica Montoya

Born and raised in Santa Fe, NM with limb-differences, addictions and violence surrounding her while she was growing helped form the activist she is today. Jessica works at Esperanza Shelter and Support Center as the Outreach and Education Coordinator raising awareness of services available to survivors and witnesses of criminal acts of domestic and sexual abuse. As a V-Day volunteer Jessica was instrumental in sharing her story of survival and transforming her experiences into a catalyst to help her accomplish her educational goals- that of raising awareness of the long-lasting effects of violence against women and girls in Santa Fe, New Mexico and the world.

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