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United States > Indianapolis > If we can. Monument Circle > 2014-02-14 > 12:00 pm

About The Event

WE did it last year.. on the Circle even.. We're doing it again in 2014.. Come dance up a storm of Justice with us

About The Organizer

Angela Leisure

I'm a 44 year old erstwhile activist.
I really hate filling these out.
Let's see, I'm short, and fluffy, and my hair is red and tends to go everywhere, especially when it's windy.
I'm not a very good dancer, but my heart is in it to the hilt.
I'm a survivor of molestation, and domestic abuse, but I don't let them define me, those events just add to me, and what I can learn and teach to those around me.
In 2013 We danced on the circle, on a Thursday.. and I want to do it again, and Every year until we don't need to any more.

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