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United States > Seattle > > 2014-02-14 > 06:00 pm

About The Event

February 14 2013, over 40 Filipina American girls, women, and supporters gathered in Seattle's Westlake Park to utilize performance and dance to protest against global violence and for gender equity. Pinay sa Seattle - Gabriela USA used this moment to continue their community organizing work to support survivors of domestic violence and educate other about military violence in the Philippines. On V-Day 2014, Pinay sa Seattle calls others to join our dance again in One Billion Rising a part of Gabriela-USA’s “I Vow to fight VAW” (Violence Against Women) Campaign, with a new dance choreographed by Gabriela Philippines. Please contact us if you are interested in joining our flashmob and learning the dance. [email protected]

About The Organization

Pinay sa Seattle - Gabriela USA

Pinay sa Seattle GABRIELA USA is a collective of Pin@ys celebrating our multifaceted identities, revolutionary history, and rich culture. We work to build a community in the Seattle area invested in educating, defending, and advocating for the human rights of Filipinas globally.

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