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Nia Community Dance Jam

Australia > Brisbane > Jagera Hall, 121 Cordelia Street, South Brisbane, QLD, 4101 > 2016-02-14 > 03:30 pm

About The Event

On Sunday 14th February, we of Nia Australia's Brisbane community invite you to step into a safe and sacred space & discover how good it can feel to move your body. We will dance together for an hour and then share some light refreshments afterwards. The event will finish by 5.30pm. Entry is by donation ($20 appreciated) and children are welcome. At Nia Community Jams, people of all ages and backgrounds move together to raise $$$ for charity. All proceeds from this Jam will go to the Brisbane Domestic Violence Service. If you have a body, you're ready for Nia! Created as an alternative to the “no pain, no gain” attitude to fitness, Nia is designed to nourish and nurture your body now and in the future. Based on the intelligent design of the body, a classic Nia class is a barefoot, sensory-based, cardio movement class to music. Some of the many benefits of Nia include cardiovascular health, alleviation of stress and anxiety, hormonal stability and an increase in well being, leaving you feeling energised, alive, mentally clear and emotionally balanced. The practice draws on the chemistry of nine movement forms: Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Aikido, Jazz, Modern Dance, Duncan Dance, Yoga, the Alexander Technique and the work of Moshe Feldenkrais®. This unique blend allows the body to move in fun and free ways that bring health and vitality to every part.

About The Organization

Nia Australia

Awakening the senses, Nia teaches you to love your body and your life. Here in Australia, Nia is shared with enthusiasm by a lively community that has grown organically since 2004.

As a Community we practice and dance Nia to share Joy. Joy is the healing balm, it is the delight of wellbeing and the life force of humanity itself. Our vision, as Nia Australia, is to create a movement for Greatness. By this we mean a Community that supports each other and stands with and for each other as we each embody our Greatness.

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