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Não ao Furo, Sim ao Futuro

Portugal > Vila Nova de Milfontes > Outside of Hotel Social > 2017-02-14 > 01:30 pm

About The Event

Não ao Furo, Sim ao Futuro! A group of women, men and children from Tamera Healing Biotope I in Portugal, together with others from our region, will dance One Billion Rising on our coastline this year. Our beautiful ocean is at risk as major off-shore and deep-off-shore oil exploration and fracking projects are planned to begin off our coast in April. We are dancing to protect our mother earth body, as a symbol of our female bodies, which has been raped and exploited for too long. We stand in solidarity with Defending the Sacred as the Natives have in Dakota over this past year. We say NO to the abuse of the feminine and YES to the future.

About The Organization

Tamera Healing Biotope I

Tamera is a community and peace research center of ~200 people working for nearly 40 years to establish a lived model of a healed regenerative culture in all relevant areas of human life. We are building external, decentralized structures for the material levels of life - regional autonomy in water, energy and food. Perhaps more importantly, we are working on the internal structures, including freeing love and Eros from fear - to create a cultural crystal that transforms fear to trust.

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