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Malawi > Mzuzu > Basketball Court, Katoto Secondary School, Mzuzu, Malawi > 2019-02-14 > 02:00 pm

About The Event

MZUZU QUEEN OF RAP COMPETITION ABOUT THE EVENT A female MC competition hosted by LADY PACE and PATTI in Malawi- Southeast Africa Everyone has dreams and should be free to pursue them..… Lady Pace; a celebrity Malawian hiphop artist and Patti DeSante; a Canadian zen buddhist chaplain, have dedicated themselves to support Internationally acclaimed female Chief Kachindamoto’s drive to stop childhood marriage, provide education and create opportunities for girls to sustain thriving livelihoods alongside healthy motherhood and marriage. 23 year old Lady Pace grew up in Mzuzu, Northern Malawi and will be hosting the event on the same ground that paved the way for her to realize her ongoing dreams. She most recently performed at Lake of Stars, was featured on BBC radio, is hosting an airbnb hip-hop experience, and participated in a Beyond Hoops leadership program in Kenya. She integrated the latest social technology from Massachusetts Institute of Technology; U-theory with Hip Hop, to explore the dreams of young adolescent girls playing basketball.. Now she is inviting young talented girls to take a stand for gender equality by taking part in a female MC competition, the first in Malawi. Therefore this day of the event was chosen to coincide with One Billion Rising In aligning ourselves with this day against violence done to women. We have a cash prize plus so many surprises for the winner and we are really excited to see and share those new talents. Come and see yourself: Feb 14th 2019 2pm - 5pm Location: Basketball Court Katoto Secondary School Mzuzu, Malawi Support young girls and their dreams!! Stay in touch with us, stay informed, follow us and support us There are more things to come!

About The Organization

Lady Pace and Patti


Lady Pace, a 23 Year old Malawian Hip Hop artist and Business Student and Patricia DeSante a 56 year old Canadian Zen Buddhist Chaplain and Eco-fashion designer/writer have connected through their passion to create a powerful circle of Mkazi Moto, “Firewomen” who are resourced to effectively engage and direct a Malawian led conversation on contemporary gender equality and ethics. They use the tools of fashion, hiphop and sport to resource their peacemaking movement.

Lady Pace and Patti are responding to a direct request from the chief, Theresa Kachindamoto, to help her resource and expand opportunities for the girls once they graduate from secondary school.

Three things we will be doing:

1) Launching a >lgo fund me< to continue supporting female chief Kachindamoto's and her stand against childhood marriages „Help Chief Kachindamoto 2) Making Lady Pace's album >Mkazi Moto< inspired by Chief Kachindamoto available in iTunes and Spotify. All proceeds go to the Chief! 3) This Mzuzu Queen of Rap Competition to discover new female MC talents

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