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Milijarda ustaje:#prekinimošutnju

Croatia > Zagreb > Trg sv Marka/St Marco's Square > 2019-02-14 > 12:18 am

About The Event

Event: Milijarda ustaje protiv žena i djevojčica: #prekinimošutnju - OBR:breakthesilence will gather activists and citizens in front of Croatian Government in Zagreb (St. Marco Square) to demand institutional justice for women. Women (and men) will read women's testimonies and will submit women's demands concerning women's rights. To 'decentralize' event (''from campaign to everyday life") readings of women's testimonies (in 'troikas') will be organized in different parts of the town and spots in the town (courts, hospitals, public libraries, markets, etc.) and time (so more audience could participate), film and shared on social networks. Similar actions will be organised in other Croatian towns.

About The Organization

One Billion Rising Croatia -organisors

OBR Croatia is comprised of women and men from several organisations: Center for Women's Studies, RODA- Parents in Actions, CESI - Center for education, Counselling and Research, SOIH - Association of People with Disabilities, Status M (men against VAW), Bolja budućnost, Roma Women's Association, Women's Room - Center against sexual violence, Solidarna, - Foundation, etc.

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