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Manja School: Girl’s Dancing Day

Malawi > Blantyre > Manja Primary School > 2014-02-14 > 02:00 pm

About The Event

An open day at Manja Primary school in Blantyre with our girl learners. They'll be a variety of activities to help girls understand that they are not alone in the world. There's a whole global movement that is gaining power day by day as girls and women come together to support each other and share knowledge on how we can make the world a more equal place for all. We'll be celebrating and dancing as well as sharing information on how girls can make their homes and communities a safer place to live and study. Our messages will be: We're proud to be Malawian We're proud to be girls We're proud to be women We stand together and celebrate with all of the others girls and women of the world. We will shout loud and clear so that our voices too can be heard. We want to change the lives of our young Malawian girls and women so that they grow up in a society that respects us, educates us and is proud of us. We believe we are the first in Malawi to join in onebillionrising and urge other organisations to join us in this amazing global movement.

About The Organization

Girls Empowerment Network (GENET)

The Girls Empowerment Network is a grassroots organisaiton set up by Malawi women to support and empower girls and young women and fight for equality for all in Malawi. We are committed to the elimination of gender inequalities in health, education and economic opportunities. We work with local communities raising awareness of, and working towards the elimination of, gender based violence and harmful traditional practices.
We work with girls and young women empowering them to strengthen and amplify their voices and be the advocates of their own human rights.
Our vision is to live in a society where every child is empowered and free to exercise their rights and live peacefully in a just, humane and equitable society.

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