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Love Beyond Borders – Joy Fest

Morocco > Essaouira > Moulay Hassan Square, Essaouira > 2019-02-14 > 02:00 pm

About The Event

The association “Why Not Now?” realizes a multicultural project using arts (music, dance, painting, circus, acrobatics) as a means of communication between people of different cultures, religions and social backgrounds in Essaouira, Morocco. The date of the event was chosen to celebrate Valentine’s Day to promote love beyond the borders of nationality, race, gender, wealth, education, sexuality, religion, ability and all others, and spreading a love of cultural exchange and art. We think now is an important time to promote intercultural understanding, unity, and respect for each other and the environment, as the world continues to be marked by violent conflict, inequality, and environmental destruction. Promoting these values is especially important in Morocco following the tragedy near Marrakech in December. We would like to implement our event in the international movement One Billion Rising, which brings people together using dancing to educate them about gender-based violence. We want to stand behind women (cisgender, transgender, and those who hold fluid identities that are subject to gender based violence) and we want to join the Rise to end violence against women.

About The Organization

Why Not Now?

Our project is a vision of harmonious coexistence through art & music. The concept is based in our two ‘’Artel’’ houses, with the mission to develop an open Art Residency. We want to give artists space to realize their ideas by transforming our ‘’Artel’’ to a live-in gallery of creativity.

We often have passing musicians that will stay in our houses for a while, participating in the life and evolution of the ‘’Artel’’. The team does charity work in local orphanages regularly, bringing joy and fun to the children by doing juggling, fire shows, and many activities in which they can participate.

Our goal is to encourage inter-cultural learning, exchange and co-existence by bringing people together to share a love of the arts. Artistic expression has the power to connect people regardless of culture, language, religion, nationality or social background.

by Isabel Burnett, Carlo Canessa, Abderahman Elebbar

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