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Lights Out Yoga

Belgium > Wilrijk > Wilrijk, Belgium > 2015-02-27 > 06:30 pm

About The Event

'LIGHTS OUT YOGA'- 27th February 2015. An evening session of yoga with very dim lights, and use of blind folds. Experience the movement of the BODY and the BREATHE, as you get into and hold each 'asana'(pose) with the complete awareness and effort of ONLY the MIND ON the Body !! (NOT for absolute beginners, some practice of yoga required), Date: Friday- 27th February 2015, Time: 6.30-7.30 pm, Price: 14 euro per person, Place: Vedic Yoga studio Wilrijk, 2610. To sign up for the event please contact me via my website or email. Website: www.vedicyoga.co , Email: [email protected] . What you pay for this lesson will go towards 'One Billion Rising' . Limited space , pre-registration required.

About The Organizer

Reetu Mehta

I Reetu Mehta am a yoga and fitness instructor that runs the Vedic Yoga Studio in Antwerp. Trained in the Bihar and Iyengar Style of Yoga. Also trained with Nike Academy for The Power of yoga course and fitness qualification from ' Fit to Perform' , London.
For details on my qualifications and style of teaching and experience please visit my website www.vedicyoga.co.

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