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Learning About Denotified Tribes

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About The Event

The Head of Monitoring & Evaluation for Apne Aap Women Worldwide, Swati Chakraborty, made a presentation to a varied audience , including students, media , Apne Aap staff and other guests on the history and current status of India's "Denotified Tribes" (DNT's), semi-nomadic communities who were labeled as criminal by the British and have suffered unequal treatment and extreme poverty ever since. The talk was part of AAWW's monthly Terrace Talks series, which is an open space for learning on issues related to trafficking, the sex-trafficking industry, efforts to abolish it, and other overlapping issues related to feminism and social justice. This issue is compounded by lack of access to government benefits that are intended to help re-mediate the situation. The systemic injustices facing these groups have perpetuated a cycle of inter-generational prostitution within the DNT communities, thus trapping the girls in a cycle of exploitation from the time they are born. The talk centered on original research that AAWW is conducting in partnership with the Indian Council for Social Science Research. The results of the study will be published in the coming months of 2014 and will include recommendations to the Indian government on how to better address issues of systemic inequality and discrimination facing the DNT's.

About The Organization

Apne Aap Women Worldwide

organizes women in prostitution and caste-based communities trapped in inter-generational prostitution to end sex trafficking in the red-light areas of Bengal, Bihar, Delhi and Haryana in India.

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