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United States > Ketchikan > Misty Fjords > 2017-02-17 > 06:00 pm

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BETWEEN THE GIRL’S JV AND VARSITY BASKETBALL GAMES FEBRUARY 17th 2017 at KAYHI! MEET IN THE LIBRARY FOR INSTRUCTIONS at 6pm! we will go on between 6:30pm and 6:45pm PULL OUT YOUR T-SHIRTS FROM LAST YEAR OR ORDER YOUR 1 BILLION RISING T-SHIRT AT www.onebillionrising.org Come learn the Dance on February 15, 2017 Studio Max at 6:00pm Wear your ONE BILLION T-SHIRT & PARTICIPATE IN THE EVENT ON February 17th on the KAYHI FLOOR Enter to win the $50 gift certificate I HAVE AN EXTRA ONE BILLION T-SHIRT TO SHARE enter to win the $100 I Dropped off an extra one billion T-SHIRT! (DROP OFF EXTRA SHIRTS AT GATWAY on 5th ave and at KIC on DEERMOUNT enter in the $100.00

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WORKING TOGETHER WE CAN ALL prevent physical and sexual assault in our community. Local agencies: Gateway/Akeela, WISH, KIC, and the Wellness Coalition, actively working on domestic violence prevention.

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Promoting Respectful Relationships Task Force

Promoting Respectful Relationships working with the community of Ketchikan Alaska to prevent physical and sexual assault in the community.
This task force acts as a platform for the three local agencies actively working on domestic violence prevention: Gateway/Akeela, WISH, and KIC and is part of the Wellness Coalition.

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