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Interaction at the Basti Vikas Kendra

India > Uttari Rampur, Forbesganj > Bihar > 2014-01-31 > 10:00

About The Event

The Direct Donor Action group visiting from the United Stated along with eminent feminist scholar and activist Gloria Steinem spent a winter morning with girls and women from the red light area and its adjacent Mela Ground to listen to their stories of struggles and victories. Girls from the Kishori Mandals welcomed the guests to their Center with flowers and cards that they had personally painted and written for each of the visitors. Sitting in circles, they introduced themselves. Sanjana Khatun, a 12 year old girl living in the red light area sang a welcome song. This was followed by Pooja Kumari narrating to the guests the different activities that they did everyday at the center and how the center was significant in their life, helping them to bring about change to their life and living. Bina Kumari, a 15 year old from the Kishori Mandal narrated her story of struggle of getting to come to the Center. She was not allowed to go out of the house, stopped from going to school. She spoke as to how she received help from her friends and members of AAWW at the center to get her re-admitted to school. The women of the Mahila Mandal also had their bit to share. They shared stories about their struggles, the initial days at the Center and the gradual increase in number as well as their increase in strength as groups to fight for their rights. The women gifted the guests with bags made by them at Nomi Network, an organization working in collaboration with AAWW towards creating alternative livelihood opportunities for women.

About The Organization

Apne Aap Women Worldwide

Organizes women in prostitution and caste- based communities trapped in inter-generational prostitution to end sex trafficking in the red-light areas of Bengal, Bihar, Delhi and Haryana in India.

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Apne Aap Bihar Field Office

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