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I Am an Emotional Creature

United States > Norwich, CT > United Congregational Church Norwich, CT > 2014-04-12 > 07:00 pm

About The Event

Local high school students will perform Eve Ensler's "I Am an Emotional Creature", a series of monologues inspired by girls around the world. The money raised will go to Safe Futures, a local women's shelter.

About The Organization

NFA Project Out Reach

This is a club at the local high school (Norwich Free Academy) that participates with many other volunteer organizations. This event will also be sponsored by the organizations Bully Busters and Norwich Youth and Family Services.

About The Organizer

Selena Berard

A junior at NFA, Selena Berard has set up an event with the help of Jodi Vara, director of NFA's Project Outreach, to raise awareness about women's rights throughout the world in the point of view of girls. With the help of six other highschool students, she will raise awareness, and help Safe Futures (the local women's shelter) through the proceeds of the play.

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