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Indonesia > Ubud, Bali > Paradiso, Ubud > 2015-02-14 > 06:10 pm

About The Event

Drum, Dance, Sing - Rise up in your HEARTS to bring awareness, to share compassion, to stop the violence against women on this planet. Join FANTUZZI and KAT DANCER in sharing love on Valentine's day. Let's make a WOMEN's Drum Circle. Let's dance together in solidarity. MEN bring your friends, bring compassion, bring love. Learn to touch each other, to share healing and relaxation through some simple and fun Thai Massage. Let go of the old paradigm, embrace the NEW - whole hearts, healthy planet.

About The Organizer

Kat Dancer

In addition to road manager, videographer, coordinator, writer with Fantuzzi (www.fantuzzimusic.com) Kat flows through the dance of life in Thai Massage, yoga and intuitive dance. She practices and teaches Yoga sessions, and gives "Effortless Energy" Thai Massage Workshops and treatments around the globe, sharing the teachings of Thailand's masters.
Kat regularly returns to Thailand to deepen her learning. She has been helping people through the medium of Yoga and Thai Massage for over a decade; sharing intuitive and sympathetic sessions that have brought healing and often profound changes, to people around the globe.
Kat hosts yoga sessions for all levels, enjoying exploring this art with all those interested in the yogic path. When someone asks what style of yoga she teaches, she says "Kat yoga"... it's a combination of Iyengar-influenced alignment, Anusara energy, Kundalini vitality, deep relaxation, and whatever comes to the space and time as appropriate.

Dance is an integral element of Kat's life; the practice of Thai Massage is a dance when executed with compassion and fluid energy, yoga flows freely into dance, dressage (another teaching skill Kat practices) has been described as ballet on horseback, and free intuitive expressive dance on or off stage is one of her favourite ways to celebrate existence.

To bring people together, inspire them to touch each other in new and compassionate ways, to dance to the amazing joyous sounds of FANTUZZI's music, is her main focus in life - sharing this amazing dynamic healing as far and wide as she can.

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