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Feminist Pets 4 Justice

United States > New York, NY > Online > 2014-02-14 > 08:00 am

About The Event

This online event is active now and will be ongoing through V-Day and beyond! We're ask everyone to submit pictures and blog posts on our Tumblr: http://youngfempets4justice.tumblr.com/ on how justice for sexual-assault and domestic violence victims and survivors intertwines with animals. Please share photos of you with your pets and posts discussing any or all of the below: 1. How animals can help heal individual survivors and communities through their love for us and our love for them 2. How animals can help us with our activism 3. How the victimization of animals is similar to how society victimizes women, indigenous people and other minorities 4. How we must look at interconnectedness of all forms of oppression to gain justice for all

About The Organization

Young Feminists & Allies

National Organization for Women's (NOW) first ever, Virtual Chapter called Young Feminists and Allies (YFA). Our purpose is to help bring young women, men and non-gender-conforming individuals into feminist activism and give a greater voice to young feminists, who feel underrepresented at times. We also want to work with our allies of ALL AGES to foster an intergenerational exchange.

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