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Even in Silence i Speak

Zambia > Lusaka > Munali high school > 2019-03-21 > 10:00 am

About The Event

Sensitize children with special needs on Sex and Gender Based Violence. A lot of times children living with special needs are neglected and lack the care and support of their families . Zambia has in the recent past seen an increase in a number of facilities for children with special needs . Zambia has since enacted the Anti Gender Based Violence Act which aims at criminalizing all forms of gender based violence in the country , A number of organizations are working with different communities and different interest groups to senstize them on the provisions of the Anti Gender Based Violence Act , even though very little has been done among children and young people living with disabilites , in line with this no messages have been developed in sign language on ending gender based violence in the country . This event will provide a one day sensitization on Sex and Gender Based Violence , what it mean , the forms of gender based and how they are manifested in the community and how as a children living with special needs can be able to report acts of gender based violence to the relevant authorities . The event will also include the police and social workers who will interact with the children and young people living with special needs so that they are made comfortable to report these cases to the relevant authorities.

About The Organization

Anchor Justice Centre

Anchor Justice Centre is an indigenous and Christian Zambian organization that is working in partnership with Lusitu Chambers, a private law firm that has worked with different organizations such as International Justice Mission, Women and Law in Southern Africa in the provision of litigation services for vulnerable women and girls. The organizational mandate is to support and strengthen the effective and efficient management and administration of the justice system through mainstreaming gender at different levels of the administration of justice as well as train different service providers and actors in the justice delivery system on the gender concepts and how to mainstream gender .

To promote peaceful and inclusive societies for sustainable development and provide access to justice for all by ensuring effective, accountable and inclusive institutions.

A community where women and men contribute effectively to their political, social and economic life and have equal access to justice and are able to demand and claim their rights.

Is to increase access to Justice and promote social accountability among women, men and children in the community.

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