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Embodied Goddess JourneyDance

United States > Palo Alto > DanceVisions Cubberley Community Center, L-3, 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto. > 2014-02-16 > 07:00 pm

About The Event

JourneyDance is guided, expressive movement. No dance experience required! All women, men and children are welcome to join. Lana and Brittany will lead you through movement to cultivate your raw feminine energy and dance to the primal beat of your heart...embodying the goddess for all. “We embody our physical temple, unleashing animal energies from within as we ground ourselves. We explore our inner realms, delving and diving into our ocean of emotion. We connect with our inner shaman creator to burn the mind’s clogging clutter and make space for the abundance of joy that is available to us. As we create this powerful ritual together, we liberate old cellular memories, cleanse the body and mind with sweat and breath, and elevate our vibration. ”- from JourneyDance.com Bring an open heart, your barefeet OR indoor dance shoes (“footUndeez”, ballet, jazz shoes, etc.), water, and wear comfortable clothes that you can move and stretch in. The dance will be just over an hour and you are more than welcome to come and make the dance your own, we just ask that you’re on time so we can all dive in together :) We are dancing at: DanceVisions Cubberley Community Center ***(use north entrance near Piazza's grocery plaza/ Think: going to the "back" of the Cubberley Community Center) 4000 Middlefield Rd, Palo Alto.*** So Please, COME JOIN US, in conjunction with One Billion Rising as we heal ourselves and our world through DANCE!

About The Organizer

Brittany Berman and Lana Baumgartner

Lana may be properly portrayed as a "citizen of the world." Through her travels in each hemisphere of the globe, she has embraced the beauty of diverse cultures and offers to her students what she has found to be the divine knowing of oneness that we are. Lana began her life of dance at age three, and although formal dance forms have only made brief appearances in the recent years, she continues to express herself though movement. A fusion of Belly dancing, Ballet, Jazz, Salsa, Jivamukti Yoga, Ashtanga, Yin, Prana Flow, Kripalu, Thai Massage, love, bliss, prayer and warm tinglies...are the melangé of Lana's practices that are guaranteed to get your body moving

Brittany is a dancer, yoga teacher and camp director at heart! She loves playing group games, and if she had one super power it would be to make everyone break out into choreographed dance without knowing how it even happened! She loves focusing on the subtleties in dance, helping you tune into the whispers of your heart, you body, and your deepest dreams. She believes that dancing together in a circle in a birth rite that all women and men should experience and rejoice in. Brittany has taught numerous expressive movement workshops in the Bay Area and yoga for the U.S. Coast Guard, and for the City Government of San Francisco. AND Both Lana and Brittany love teaching kids!

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