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Doboj is dancing against peer violence

Bosnia and Herzegovina > Doboj > Carsija, Doboj > 2016-02-14 > 01:03 pm

About The Event

Our event will be directed against peer violence, not just against the little girls and girls peer violence, than in general.

About The Organization

Youth organization Sixth sense Doboj

- Connecting young people regardless of their religion or nation, or to connect young people from both BiH entities;
- Developing human relations and peace among youth;
- Education of youth;
- Help young people who have problems with drugs and alcohol;
- Improving the legal, economic and social position of youth in society;
- Help young people who have the trauma of war and help young people who need any kind of help;
-Installation of emergency phones –SOS hotline;
- Realization of the interests of young people in education, upbringing, culture, sports, ecology, information, entertainment, etc;
- Cooperation with related governmental and non-governmental organizations;
- Planning, design and project management to improve the social and economic position of young people (economically - mediation in employment, social, educational , environmental, cultural, sports, entertainment and other projects).

Our motto is: ,, Unity in Diversity '' .

Our mission is 'breaking up’’ everything that hinders the development of human relations among young people, their connections, mutual work and contact at any level.

About The Organizer

Admira Mahmutovic

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