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Dancing for Sexual Assault Awareness: Butler University Peace Week

United States > Indianapolis, IN > Butler University > 2016-03-22 > 12:20 pm

About The Event

Butler University's annual Peace Week 2016 is here, and the theme is rooted in activism and all events focus on what we can do, as students and a greater community, to create a more socially aware and inclusive society for all peoples. We are holding a dance protest to raise awareness for sexual assault and celebrate solidarity for survivors.

About The Organization

Demia Feminist and Social Justice Club

Demia actively works to better balance the power structure between men and women, and in turn- the men/women binary and non-binary people, which will improve gender relations in society and give all genders the strength & courage to work toward equality.
The group works to create, maintain, & actively promote a community supporting gender equality at Butler University via programming, events, and activism on campus and the larger Indianapolis community. Additionally, we strive to provide a source of education about health, safety, politics, & labor as they relate to multiple perspectives in society (i.e. we strive for intersectionality). We address and increase awareness of sexism and inequality on campus and develop logical critiques to hegemony through plans to improve campus inclusi

About The Organizer

Sara Doverspike

Peace and Conflict Studies, Political Science, and International Studies student and activist at Butler University.

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