1 Billion Rising Events

Dance in Solidarity

United States > Downtown Memphis > NCRM - National Civil Rights Museum > 2017-03-18 > 10:00 am

About The Event

Dance - 1 Billion Rising

About The Organizer

Karen Febles

Born and raised 38 years ago, in Mérida, Yucatán, México; she became a US resident in 2007.

What started as a dream has become Karen’s lifelong crusade. Her activism started in her early years and has become her purpose. Her passion for equality, fairness, and basic human rights is the fire that ignites her life.

From as early as her childhood, she always found the way to help people. Starting in her family, she extended her mission to people she met along her short and intense life.

Karen, whose sunny personality is as bright as her smile, finds her greatest joy in helping people. From providing food to sharing smiles, hugs and company with children and the elderly.

As an entrepreneur, she has a sharp and aggressive business sense. Self-educated on business, she just doesn’t accept mediocrity. “Don’t tell me something can’t be done, please tell me why you think it can't be done”, Karen says.

A mother, daughter, friend, entrepreneur, author, blogger, health enthusiast, cook, teacher, dancer, motivator, spokesperson, artist, spiritual being...a warrior of love, peace and kindness.

“I’m Karen Febles...and I’m here to help”

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