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Dance of Transforming Conflict into Peace – Children & Parents – A Boulder Ki Aikido workshop

United States > Boulder, Colorado > 1925 55th Street, Boulder, CO 80301 > 2015-02-11 > 04:30 pm

About The Event

One – two – three. One – two – three. Down – up – down. Down – up – down…. Parents and children, come explore the dance of Ki Aikido to transform conflict into peace in this free workshop from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. on Feb. 11. Learn how Ki Aikido can help you manage individual conflict and, ultimately, transform the culture of violence: - both inside and out - with your mind and body - from a place of calmness and joy. At its heart, Ki Aikido is the “art of peace.” While Ki Aikido as a martial art is a powerful form of self-defense, many people are drawn to it for its graceful, dance-like movements, and it can often be experienced as a form of partner dancing. Ki Aikido is a powerful form of self-defense that does not rely on methods of force-meeting-force, which ultimately only serve to perpetuate aggression. Instead, through a form that truly blends "martial" and "art," practitioners of Ki Aikido learn to meet conflict boldly from a place of awareness and calmness. Ki Aikido teaches you to redirect attacks in a way that keeps you safe and also begins to show the attacker more peaceful ways of moving through the world. The practice of Ki Aikido can also lead to other dramatic, positive changes in your everyday life. Boulder Ki Aikido offers these events in conjunction with One Billion Rising’s intention to end violence. We support every individual’s efforts to end violence and to work with conflict in healthy ways when these efforts come from a place of peace. This includes individuals working within global or local frameworks such as One Billion Rising, HeforShe, It’s On Us, International Day of Peace, MESA, SPAN, BVSD Peer Mediation Trainings, etc. Join us at the Boulder Ki Aikido dojo for this free introductory workshop. Call 720-288-0233 to register in advance.

About The Organization

Boulder Ki Aikido Dojo

The Boulder Ki Aikido dojo has been offering instruction in Ki Aikido & Ki development for adults and children since 1977. Ki Aikido investigates the oneness of mind & body in a fluid, motion-filled, self-defense practice.

The mission of Boulder Ki Aikido is to provide a place where people of all ages and backgrounds can nurture their innate connection to the universe and develop their true potential in all aspects of life, through the practice of Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and Ki Development.

Our dojo is open Mondays & Wednesdays 4:30 to 8:30 p.m. The Lead Instructor is Abel Villacorta.

Newcomers are welcome! RSVP here, or call 720-288-0233 to register in advance.

About Ki Aikido

This traditional, non-competitive, Japanese martial art meaning “the way of harmony with universal energy (ki, prana, chi)” explores mind-body unification principles through graceful and dynamic self-defense movements.

Ki Aikido is a defensive martial art seeking the most peaceful and fluid resolution to any type of conflict. Using the natural power of gravity, timing and circular movements, we train to coordinate mind and body.

Instead of responding with force, Ki Aikidoists respect the training partner’s energy, and redirect any negative energy into a pin or a roll, resulting in a positive experience for both participants.

Ki Aikido is beneficial for everyone regardless of size, age, gender or physical ability.

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