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Saint Lucia > Castries > Serenity Park in Castries, Saint Lucia > 2014-01-25 > 10:00

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The POWER OF OUR PETITION! ST.LUCIAN REGIONAL INTERNATIONAL RISERS SIGN! UNITED!MOVE! please sign and encourage others to understand what we are asking for here...please take the time you we can help heal and save lives together! The power EDUCATION! The power of RESEARCH! The power of UNITY! Rise with Caribbeans-1billion Rising for Justice 2014

About The Organization

PROSAF_ThePower OfOne with Caribbean 1Billion Rising

Aim: Development & sustenance of youth, maintenance of the family unit, the preservation of culture, and the positive transformation of the St. Lucian community-http://www.facebook.com/pages/Surviving-Sexual-Abuse-in-the-Caribbean/165341356853908
To encourage positive reactions over secrets and fear;one drop at a time.
Company Overview
PROSAF is aimed at addressing perpetual issues which affect society. Operating under two main branches, PROSAF brings the issues concerning the lack of lack of comprehensive education and the effects and incidence of sexual assault in society to the forefront. The Power of One and Surviving Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean are the founding branches of PROSAF. Each branch encourages society to speak o...See More
ThePower OfOne is aimed at addressing; the need for education of body, mind and soul health for individuals in the family unit; the responsibility of members of the family unit throughout the lifespan and the encouragement of the need to uphold the values that help the family unit to progress positively

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General Information
Through sharing stories, community research, interviews and community projects, PROSAF_ThePower OfOne facilitates the effective form of education, networking and resources for families of all sizes.
Sister Branch weblink: http://www.prosaf.org/ssaitco-2/

About The Organizer

Souyenne Dathorne and Velika Lawrence

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