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India > Chennai > Cafe Coffee Day, Elliots Beach > 2013-12-29 > 05:00 pm

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As the LGBT community rises up for its rights, it is time for the women of India to derive inspiration from them and do the same. The anti-rape law by the government has created many safeguards for women, but some vital human rights have been ignored. Chief among these is the right to protest against Marital Rape. In India, it is legal for the husband to rape his wife - repeatedly, brutally and without fear of the law. The law is on his side. The lawmakers are on his side. The police is on his side. No one cares about what happens to the woman. While the "One Billion Rising" movement seems to be active in Bangalore, I see no reason why the women and supporters of women's rights in Chennai should also not know each other. This is a sincere invitation for a small get-together on the beach on the 29th of December at 6 p.m.. Let's get introduced.

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A woman. A feminist. A person.

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