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Capoeira – The Art of Resistance

United States > Bloomfield > 554 Bloomfield Ave > 2014-02-14 > 07:30 pm

About The Event

FREE CAPOEIRA CLASS FOR WOMEN "I wished to be a dancer and I could not be. Today I dance in Capoeira. I wanted to be a fighter, so I fight in Capoeira. Because I want to be an artist and express myself, have self-esteem, and be a real human being, I am a Capoeirista." Capoeira is a unique blend of movement, song and music. At first glance one sees a circle of clapping onlookers, singing choruses in Portuguese to traditional call and response songs. In the center of the circle two capoeiristas move in what resembles a competitive dance. There is an acrobatic and beautiful avoidance of physical contact. The players’ movements display ritual, trickery and grace. As one continues to look, one sees that the contributions of the encircling players and musicians play a large part in the game. Songs rich with oral traditions are sung to references what is occurring at that very moment in the game. This gathering of musicians and artist forms a community of expression. On Friday February 14th all women may take class at no charge.

About The Organization

Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey

The Mission of the Afro Brazilian Cultural Center of New Jersey is to promote and teach Afro Brazilian Arts, folklore and culture. We will offer comprehensive, high quality educational programs that enrich the lives of the people whom we serve, and encourage their cultural development.

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