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Beautiful Hearts: Rise for Justice

Mongolia > Ulaanbaatar > Health Sciences University of Mongolia > 2014-02-14 > 12:00

About The Event

This event will be in colloboration with National Centre Against Violence and Health Sciences University of Mongolia. Following activities will take place: Online activity: 1. Raise widespread public awareness of the “ONE BILLION RISING – Rise for Justice” campaign. 2. Draw public attention by changing their Facebook profile photo to their “ONE BILLION RISING – Rise for Justice” official logo, and posters. 3. Bring public attention to their “ONE BILLION RISING” official Facebook page. 4. Make posters on a daily basis to end gender based violence “RISE FOR JUSTICE”, and publish them on Hearts’ social media. 5. Make 2 minutes videos RISE FOR JUSTICE, and publish it on social media. 6. Make a flash mob tutorial, and publish it on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook. Offline activities: 1. Exhibition of survivors of domestic violence "Our Voice" will be presented at the Health Sciences University 1. Develop and distribute a multitude of posters on ONE BILLION RISING - Rise for Justice. 2. Develop a brochure and distribute to 500 students. 3. Held information sessions between 13-14th Feb, 2014 with the Student Board on violence against women and ONE BILLION RISING – Rise for Justice. Information include basic human rights, and cycles of domestic violence. In Addition, brief introduction of Mongolian Act of Domestic Violence will be presented. 4. Flash mob “Rise for Justice". 5. Release helium filled balloons by students, calling public to "End Violence Against Women and Children. Rise for Justice!". 6. Produce the "Rise for Justice" video. 7. Broadcast the ONE BILLION RISING campaign on national media, organise in press conference, and give interviews to TV stations.

About The Organization

Beautiful Hearts Campaign

We organised OBR 2013 among cadets at the Law Enforcement University of Mongolia.

• To protect child sexual abuse victims’ rights through providing rehabilitation, social services, and reintegration process.
• To protect and prevent children from sexual abuse through promoting public participation in this pursue while attempting to change the public attitude about this social ailment.
“Beautiful Hearts campaign” initiated in September, 2012, is a congregation of people from all walks of life, (public, private sector, law enforcement, social workers, psychologists, parents, sisters, brothers, the elders) come together, to join hands to protect and prevent the human rights and children’s rights abuse.
“Beautiful Hearts campaign” targets on the following 6 areas:
- Advocacy (to contribute to the legal, program, policy reforms by advocating for rights-based policy making with decision makers)
- Service (to provide rights-based services to victims of child sexual abuse)
- Prevention (to prevent children from possible risks of sexual abuse, violence, and rape)
- Public awareness (to motivate, raise public awareness to protect and prevent, and mobilize supporters)
- Capacity building (to strengthen knowledge and capacity of professionals while using mass media to change the public attitude towards the issue)
- Fund raising (to execute Beautiful Hearts Campaign)
Present endeavors of Beautiful Hearts campaign:
• Rehabilation services: we are providing art therapy to the victims of child sexual abuse to express their pains and resilient skills into the form of art.
• Cooperation: a series of rights-based social work rehabiliation services are being provided in cooperation with NGOs.
• Information dissemination: information sharing sessions with parents are being conducted.
• Education: we develop and publish informational materials about preventing child sexual abus

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