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Bronx Leaders

United States > New York, NY > 3418 Northern Blvd. Long Island City NY 11101 > 2018-02-24 > 07:00 pm

About The Event

I have the pleasure of working at a middle school in the South Bronx with a group of some of the strongest, most resourceful ,innovative and intelligent women I have ever met. Being surrounded by such inspirational women, in a time where it is more crucial for our voices to be heard more than ever gave me the motivation to do this production. Since it is the South Bronx that brought is all together, and knowing the intense challenges that women and girls experience in this community, we plan to give our proceeds to the Siena House Shelter in the South Bronx to directly give back to the community that we serve in as teachers. This is a non-profit organization that provides temporary housing to homeless women, single mothers and children, with the goal of moving them from them from a situation of homelessness and poverty to that of independence and self worth. I am currently securing a location for the venue but hope to have one secured by the end of the month. I have previously had success with a donated location at the Unitarian Church: The Community Church of New York, and will be reaching out to them tomorrow as they have previously housed a different VDAY event.

About The Organizer

Kelly Jo LIllian Barber

I have previously directed , produced and acted in four VDAY world wide events in the past. Two in New Jersey, one in Los Angeles and one in New York City. ( I am registering under a new email/name because I can't remember my old log in). For the past four years I have been teaching as a 5th grade special education teacher at Young Leaders Elementary School in the South Bronx. Previously to that I was a director, actress and producer of theater. In my experience with the entertainment industry I always strived to use any production as a means of raising awareness and inspiring change. Seeing art meet with reformation is what I always strived for as an entertainer and this has not changed now that I am in the classroom. I am surrounded by innovative, intelligent, resilient women and girls who have inspired me to take up my roots on the stage with this production.

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